Garden II

About the investment

Two-stage Wielicka Garden project was built in the well-known and picturesque Podgórze district. The estate is situated near Wielicka and Jerozolimska Streets which guarantees a fast and quick access not only to the centre of Kraków, but also to the adjacent green areas. Less than one kilometre away, there is the Krakus Mound surrounded by numerous pedestrian and bicycle paths. Nearby, you may find the limestone mine ruins, i.e. Libana Quarry, a site with rich history dating back to World War II. Just a short distance by car separates Wielicka Garden from a popular Kraków lake called Bagry.  

Four more buildings were built near the first-stage ones. The second stage is composed of three segments housing 177 flats. The residents could choose from flats ranging from 28 sqm studios to 94 sqm apartments. In Wielicka Garden II, there are 181 parking spaces, including 39 above-grade ones and 142 ones at -1 level.  The high finishing standard and refined design offered flats with functional common areas.

The project was built in a well-developed part of the city. In is vicinity, there are grocery discount stores, a petrol station, retail units and restaurants. There are also nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools. The estate is five minutes away from bus and tram stops from which you can travel fast to the centre and other districts of Kraków. Wielicka Street, one of the arterial roads, ensures easy way to leave the city towards Wieliczka, Zakopane or Katowice.

Use permit
listopad 2018
Number of buildings
Number of apartments
Apartment area
28,43 - 94,76 m²
Apartment layout
1 - 4 rooms
Above ground parking spaces
Underground parking spaces
Tenant storage units
ul. Wielicka
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