We all know that buying a flat is one of the most important decisions in your life. This is why we try to make this process easier and faster by providing numerous technology solutions.

We want you to get as much information as possible, to walk round your flat, to be able to clarify any details in the form and place convenient for you and to sign the agreement without leaving your home.

Przygotowaliśmy dla Ciebie
Pages in many languages
Irrespective of the language you speak, we want you to feel comfortable and have permanent access to information. You can see the project on its dedicated page and select your dream flat. The content comes in three language versions – Polish, English and Ukrainian.
Flats in 3D
You need not wait to be able to walk round your flat. You can go on a virtual tour of our dream flat right away, learn its layout better, design your living room furniture locations or get inspired with the bathroom design. The available 3D projections will help you to visualise the room layout. What is more, in some projects you can see the flat finishing styles offered by us.
Digital signature
To facilitate any legal aspects, we introduced the possibility to sign with your digital signature. This will save your time, enabling you to sign any documents without leaving your home.
Touch application and 3D models
Our websites and Sales Offices offer 3D models. Thanks to them, you can get to know the project and its vicinity during a virtual tour. You can also see the view from your future balcony and check your flat solar access at different times of day.
Online meetings with an expert
When you visit our Sales Office, our experts will answer all you questions and help you to find the best flat. If you cannot visit us yourself for any reason, contact us online and have a video conference at the pre-arranged time which is convenient for you.
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