About us

We are a Polish developer company with more than 30 years of experience in the national and foreign market.

We operate in three sectors: residential, office and investment apartments, which allows us to have an impact on the development of Polish cities. So far, we have completed 160 development projects all over Poland, where we sold more than 30 thousand flats with a total area of over 1.5 million square meters. While designing new projects, we always keep our Clients’ opinion in mind and try to ensure that our designs meet various needs.

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Our offer includes developer investments carried out in seven agglomerations in Poland: Warsaw, Kraków, Śląsk, Wrocław, Poznań, Łódź and Tricity. From 2015, we are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and in 2019, our affiliate, ATAL Development GmbH, started its operations in the German market. Our high sales results and offer place us among the largest companies in the real property industry in Poland.

Every day, we set the bar higher and strive to design even better flats and urban spaces. By implementing multifunctional apartment and services investment projects that are fully integrated with the environment and infrastructure, we improve our Clients’ quality of life. Having comfort and safety in mind, we continue to implement new solutions, such as smart common areas. We also provide one of the most advanced “turnkey” flat finishing program – ATAL Design, which offers a wide range of materials from renowned manufacturers.

Our sense of responsibility, transparency and the desire to improve the quality of life are reflected in the stock exchange quotations and numerous awards, including Business Gazelles, Forbes Diamonds, Pearls of the Polish Economy or the title of the Construction Company of the Year. We are a member of the Polish Association of Developers (PFZD). We also participate in the programs: Financially Trustworthy Company and the Reliable Company, under which we have obtained the Golden Certificate. Our projects are regularly awarded in international competitions. We have been awarded twice in the prestigious European Property Awards Development competition (the ATAL Baltica Towers project in the Best Mixed Use Development Poland category in 2020, and the Sokolska 30 Towers project in the Residential Development 20+ Units and Residential High-Rise Development categories in 2022). In addition, the ATAL Warta Towers and ATAL Towers projects have been appreciated and honored in the Global Future Design Awards competition.

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The Board of ATAL S.A.
Zbigniew Juroszek
Zbigniew Juroszek

An experienced businessman, founder and main shareholder of the ATAL group operating since 1990. At the beginning of his career, Zbigniew Juroszek was associated with the clothing and textile industry. Led by him, the ATAL company was a supplier of materials for the most famous Polish clothing manufacturers. Until 2023 he was a co-owner of STS S.A., which operates in the bookmaking industry and, through his family foundation, is currently a shareholder in Entain CEE, to which STS S.A. belongs.

Excellent management skills resulted in new investments of the company, this time in the real estate industry. The first investments on the commercial real estate market appeared in the second half of the 90s. Over time, Zbigniew Juroszek began building residential complexes in Wrocław, and in the following years, the company’s housing estates appeared in other biggest cities in Poland. President of ATAL S.A. for several years present on the list of the 100 richest Poles published by Forbes and Wprost. He is interested in business, sports and art.

Mateusz Bromboszcz
Mateusz Bromboszcz
Vice President

In the Company, he is responsible for issues related to the legal and formal side of the activities of the ATAL S.A. Group.

He gained experience by holding managerial positions in a law firm specializing in issues related to the real estate and construction sector. A lawyer who is an experienced practitioner and specialist in the real estate industry. He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia in Katowice.

Urszula Juroszek
Urszula Juroszek
Member of the Management Board
for Human Resources and Payroll

Urszula Juroszek Together with the President of the Management Board of ATAL S.A., Mr. Zbigniew Juroszek, and since almost the very beginning of her professional career, she was associated with the creation, organization and ongoing management of business ventures.

Her professional work focused mainly on the areas of sales management, supervision of administrative and investment activities and organization, in particular HR and payroll management.

In ATAL S.A., Urszula Juroszek has been employed since 2012 as the Administrative Director of HR and Payroll supervising the HR department.

Angelika Kliś
Angelika Kliś
Member of the Management Board

Extensive experience in working for companies operating in the housing and investment sector, both national and international.

Developing competences in the real estate market since 2007. In her career spanning over a decade, she has specialized in issues related to the sales and marketing of development projects, as well as their preparation, development and marketing.

Since 2017, associated with ATAL S.A. Group. At the Company, she is responsible for the creation and implementation of the sales strategy, marketing and PR, as well as the operation and development of the design studio.

Andrzej Biedronka-Tetla
Andrzej Biedronka-Tetla
Member of the Management Board for Finances

Andrzej Biedronka-Tetla graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia in Katowice, and post-graduate studies in accounting and finance, as well as managerial accounting at the University of Economics in Krakow.

He holds an Executive MBA diploma and a Certificate in Business Accounting issued by The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

He started his professional career in the corporate banking segment in positions related to the credit risk assessment process and then the restructuring of debts of companies at risk. He also worked in business positions related to institutional clients, as well as led the department of corporate client advisors.

In 2017, Andrzej Biedronka-Tetla joined the ATAL S.A. Team, where he held the position of Corporate Director, and from 2018 Financial Director, as a proxy.

We have been building for you for over 30 years
High volume of apartment sales (2833) and high volume of apartments offered (4043)
Implementing investments in new locations
Record level of expenditure on new land: PLN 373 million
Record net profit of PLN 368 million
Record sales of 4258 units
Record net profit of PLN 331 million
Record handovers of 3002 units
Record Group revenue of PLN 1167 million
Record sales of 3180 units
Record number of units on offer: 4442
Record handovers of 2678 units
Record paid out dividend of PLN 181 million
Record sales of 2726 units
Record level of expenditure on new land: PLN 232 million
Record number of units on offer: 2407
Launching operations on the Tricity and Poznań markets
Record sales of 1688 units
Debut on the WSE Main Market
Record handovers of 1655 units
Record Group revenue of PLN 507 million
Record sales of 1301 units
Debut on the WSE Catalyst bond market
Launching operations on the Warsaw market
Launching ATAL Design interior finishing program
Launching operations on the Kraków and Łódź markets
Establishment of ATAL S.A. joint-stock company
Launching operations on the Katowice and Wrocław markets
Establishment of ATAL