In ATAL, we try to cater for our Customers’ needs and requirements by following the changing trends. We have introduced many convenient solutions which will not only help you to make a decision to buy a flat, but will also make your everyday life even more comfortable.

ATAL Design finishes
Finishing an apartment is a difficult and time-consuming task. We are well aware of that. In order to meet your expectations, we have prepared an ATAL Design program thanks to which our Specialists will help you in the creation of a stylish and functional interior.
For residents
The places to live which we create feature many solutions facilitating everyday life. Imagine a project where you feel safe, have everything close at hand, where you can relax in green recreation areas taking care of the environment and even more.
To ensure comprehensive services, we cooperate with renowned credit advisors. For many years, experienced experts have been gladly answering any questions and helped you choose the best credit offer.
Buying your own real property seems complicated and may be perceived a long-term process. For your convenience and to save your time, we introduced many convenient solutions which make it easier for you to choose a perfect flat from home in a convenient form.
Sit back and relax,
we’ll take care of everything for you
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