Ptasia 20

About the investment

Ptasia 20 is a one-stage investment located in the western part of Poznań in the Grunwald district. The private and commercial investors appreciated the Ptasia 20 project for its subtle design and excellent location. The residents can simultaneously enjoy the beauty of nature and take advantage of the extensive recreational and entertainment infrastructure.

The building includes 288 flats of the most sought-after sizes, from 40 sq m to 88 sq m. The architects also took care of the space for commercial investors. 10 service outlets are designed on the ground floor of the building, with areas ranging from 32 sq m to 94 sq m. The project is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

Ptasia 20 is an ideal place to live for both families with children and singles. The surrounding area has more than a dozen playgrounds, a modern fitness centre and numerous walking and biking paths. The residents who value proximity to nature can enjoy the charms of the nearby Marcelinski Forest (Lasek Marceliński) – a green part of Grunwald. In turn, football, and music fans certainly benefit from the proximity of the Poznań Stadium. There is also a charming arthouse cinema with a rich programme about 400 meters from the investment.

The district of Grunwald, where the investment was built, attracts one in five Poznań residents. Grunwald boasts rich recreational areas, extensive and modern transportation infrastructure, accessibility to stores and restaurants, and numerous schools and medical facilities. While picking up the kids from the nearby kindergarten or elementary school, you can stop by for a quick shopping spree at your favourite shopping centre or book a table at a nearby restaurant. There are also numerous pharmacies, banks, and clinics in the area.

The investment is located near a bus stop and a tram line. Getting to the city centre or to the university campus is convenient and takes only a dozen or so minutes. Ptasia Street, where the investment is located, is perfectly connected with the A2 motorway and Poznań-Ławica International Airport.

Use permit
kwiecień 2022
Number of buildings
Number of apartments
Number of service units
Apartment area
41,55 - 89,43 m²
Surface area of service units
32,9 - 93,65 m²
Apartment layout
1 - 4 rooms
Above ground parking spaces
Underground parking spaces
Tenant storage units
ul. Ptasia
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