Letnica III

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Przystań Letnica is an exclusive ATAL investment currently under development, located in the Letnica district, in the close vicinity of the Gulf of Gdańsk. The convenient location and good connection with the city center make it an attractive place for everyone who appreciates the charms of the sea coast and easy access to the thrilling city life. 

The investment, which consists of three stages, has been designed as a coherent spatial composition of 13 buildings with forms and colors that draw on the traditions of modernist architecture. In the last, 3rd stage of the investment, six buildings with 323 apartments will be built.  The number of rooms in these buildings ranges from two to five, with a comfortable spatial arrangement, and their areas ranging from 39 to 111 sqm will allow for a functional and comfortable interior arrangement. 

Przystań Letnica is not only a set of comfortable apartments, but also a green common space, which facilitates making bonds between neighbors. The architecture of the buildings, reflects the climate of the coastal belt and is complemented by numerous playgrounds, recreation areas as well as public terraces on the roofs equipped not only with recreation and leisure facilities, but also sports facilities, which enable residents to spend time actively outdoors. 

Przystań Letnica investment is being built in a rapidly developing part of Gdańsk, between Liberation Street (ul. Wyzwolenia) and Maciej Płażyński Avenue (Aleja Macieja Płażyńskiego). The location in the coastal belt and the housing and infrastructural investments that are being developed in the area make this location increasingly more attractive. This location combines the convenience of quick access to the city center with the proximity of numerous recreational areas.

There are also kindergartens, primary schools (including the International School) and the Maritime School Complex in the vicinity. Everyday shopping will be possible in nearby supermarkets or smaller local shops. 

Start of construction
Q4 2020
End of construction
Q3 2023
Use permit
Q3 2023
Number of buildings
Number of apartments
Apartment area
39,09 - 111,82 m²
Apartment layout
2 - 5 rooms
Above ground parking spaces
Underground parking spaces
Tenant storage units
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