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About the investment

Osiedle Przyjemne in Gdańsk is a modern project situated in the dynamically developing part of the city. The excellent location and comfortable, usable flats are a combination which will ensure full satisfaction to its future residents. The closeness to natural landscapes and quick access to other districts and zones of Gdańsk are other important advantages of this project.

Stage I of this project will be two buildings with 72 flats of different areas, allowing to adapt the interior to individual needs. Apart from practical interiors, the estate offers numerous facilities, including playgrounds, walking grounds and a short distance to schools and retail units.

The architectural design of this project will have a modern, but very warm nature. The buildings were designed to go with the natural environment in a subtle way. Some of them will be situated to overlook the water reservoir. Large, glazed balconies will offer a view of the delightful landscape. The estate will adjoin the newly-designed Południowy Park, i.e. the green centre of this city part, guaranteeing a closer contact with wildlife.

The project location at Flisykowskiego Street will offer respite from the city hustle and bustle. The short distance to walking and bike paths, as well as vegetated areas, makes a perfect place both for active recreation and for effective relax.

Osiedle Przyjemne will also ensure good traffic connections with other city parts. The residents will have the nearest bus stop within a several minutes’ walk. The city centre, railway station and bus station as well as the outgoing roads can be reached easily, making the trips outside the city effective and free.

Osiedle Przyjemne will become a place offering absolute balance between the comfortable access to other city parts and peaceful life near wildlife.

Start of construction
Q4 2023
End of construction
Q3 2025
Number of buildings
Number of apartments
Apartment area
27,79-59,66 m²
Apartment layout
1-3 pokojowe
Above ground parking spaces
Underground parking spaces
Tenant storage units
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27 60
min. max.
300000 700000
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ul. Flisykowskiego
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