O inwestycji

The Osiedle Błękitne project, which is located on Czerniawska Street, is ATAL’s first investment. It includes nearly 250 residential units with 1, 2, 3 and 4 rooms in low-rise buildings. 

The estate has a square ground plan, which made it possible to design a space for a safe playground inside the patio. Ground-floor flats have separate green terraces, while the rest have balconies.

The project was created in the well-known Wrocław-based Tadeusz Hardt’s architectural studio. The investment is maintained in an aesthetically pleasing, bright colour scheme. The sloping roofs give the investment a lightweight look.  Careful construction and, above all, a well-thought-out and functional design ensure that the residents of the Osiedle Błękitne project have comfortable living conditions in a beautiful setting.

Number of apartments
Apartment area
10 - 100 m²
ul. Czerniawska
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