Brynów II

About the investment

Near the Katowice Forest Park, in the south-western part of the city, a unique residential investment – Nowy Brynów – has been built. In this very location, at 4 Rzepakowa Street, a two-stage housing estate with a total of 492 apartments was built. Thanks to the minimalist architecture and subdued colours, it perfectly blends in with the surroundings, creating a comfortable living space for the residents.

As part of the second stage of the investment, one eight-storey building was built with 142 apartments of various sizes – from 36 to 98 sq m. Residents could choose premises perfectly suited to their needs: the offer included both functional studios and spacious two-, three- and four-room apartments. With vehicle owners in mind, parking spaces have been built in the underground garage hall and, additionally, above-ground spaces have been separated on the investment site. Additional storage space is provided by 70 storage rooms. 

Silent lifts have been provided both in the first and the second building, and the entire estate has been adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. Each resident has easy access to the recreational area with benches, a fountain and a walking path located within the estate.

The location of the Nowy Brynów investment is a perfect choice for people who value access to recreational areas as well as convenient transport connection to the centre and other districts of the city. The nearby Kościuszko Street and 73 Pułk Piechoty Street make it easy to get to the road 86 and the A4 highway. The Ligota railway station is located 1.5 kilometres from the investment site. The existing network of nearby transport connections is constantly supplemented and modified, which emphasizes the constant development of this district as well as its popularity.

Nowy Brynów is an investment that meets the diverse needs of its residents. The nearest green spot on the map is the vast Forest Park in Katowice (Katowicki Park Leśny), which is highly valued by the residents of the entire city due to numerous walking and cycling paths as well as attractions for children. The Brynów district is constantly being expanded and very well developed, which results in a high standard of living. There are many shops, kiosks, gas stations, public transport stops, schools and kindergartens in the vicinity of the investment. Buying an apartment in this part of Katowice is a perfect solution for people of all ages.

Use permit
październik 2020
Number of buildings
Number of apartments
Apartment area
36 - 98 m²
Apartment layout
1 - 4 rooms
Above ground parking spaces
Underground parking spaces
ul. Rzepakowa 4
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