Nowe Miasto
Różanka IB

About the investment

The Nowe Miasto Różanka investment was built on Młynarska Street and Obornicka Street, on the site of the historic Różanka Mill. In addition to modern elegant buildings, some were renovated, thus preserving the historic character of the place. 

Nowe Miasto Różanka IB is a unique project. The 9-storey building that once functioned as part of the historic “Różanka Mill” was renovated. It contains 40 flats of varying areas: from 29 to as many as 101 sq m. The residents could choose from comfortable one-, two-, three- and four-room units. Two- and three-story flats, located on the seventh floor, were also on offer. The investment includes above-ground parking spaces and 40 storage units. Meanwhile, the prams and bicycles can be stored in the pram room.

The entire investment is an aesthetically pleasing landmark for the neighbourhood. The buildings are surrounded by greenery, paving, and objects of so-called small architecture. The estate also features children’s playgrounds and recreational areas. The estate is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities and senior citizens. 

Nowe Miasto Różanka is located in the centre of Wrocław, making the investment extremely attractive to people of all ages. Easy access to stores, pharmacies, or clinics makes it easy to run daily errands. It is worth mentioning that there are a number of service establishments in the area of the investment, which is a significant convenience for the residents of the Nowe Miasto Różanka estate and the surrounding neighbourhoods. Proximity to schools and kindergartens will be an advantage for families with children. 

The location of the project allows for efficient transportation both within and outside the city limits. Nowe Miasto Różanka is located near numerous bus and tram stops. It is easy to reach national road No. 5 or the motorway bypass from the investment area. 

Use permit
czerwiec 2020
Number of buildings
Number of apartments
Apartment area
29,40 - 101,86 m²
Apartment layout
1 - 4 rooms
Tenant storage units
ul. Młynarska
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