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Nowe Miasto Różanka

Nowe Miasto Różanka is a unique project combining a modern estate with refined architecture with the renovated buildings of the historic Różanka Mill. The project includes a total of seven architecturally consistent phases. 

Two buildings with 152 flats were constructed in the first stage, with layouts ranging from 2 to 4 rooms and with areas ranging from 42 to 101 sq m. All units are extremely functional, allowing the residents to easily arrange their space. Most flats come with spacious balconies, loggias, or gardens. 

There are a number of service establishments in the area, which not only cater to the needs of the residents of the investment, but also attract customers who live or work in the neighbourhood. 

The investment is not only elegant, but also consistent with its surroundings. The buildings are surrounded by aesthetically pleasing greenery, paving, and objects of so-called small architecture. The estate also features children’s playgrounds and recreational areas. The architectural barriers are minimised for the sake of seniors and people with disabilities. 

The location of the investment will meet the expectations of people of all ages. Excellent connection provides efficient access to many districts of Wrocław. The people without cars can reach numerous bus and tram stops in a short time. Leaving the city will be possible via the nearby national road no. 5 or the motorway bypass. Numerous green and recreational areas both within the estate and those close by allows for rest and relaxation. In addition, the proximity to stores, health care facilities, pharmacies, and shopping centres will enable you to efficiently run your everyday errands. There are schools and kindergartens nearby, which is of great importance for families with children.   

Use permit
wrzesień 2018
Number of buildings
Number of apartments
Apartment area
42,07 - 101,40 m²
Apartment layout
2 - 4 rooms
Tenant storage units
ul. Młynarska
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