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The Nowe Miasto Jagodno estate will be distinguished by its elegant development. The greenery and attractive architectural solutions will make the investment a perfect place for both active people and those looking for a moment of relaxation at home.

The colour scheme of the buildings of the Nowe Miasto Jagodno investment will be maintained in the currently most fashionable colours, i.e. white, graphite, and beige. The façades will be complemented by delicate openwork or glass balcony railings, which will add lightness to the buildings.

Nowe Miasto Jagodno is a modern building complex in which the convenience of current and future residents is put first. The project will include five phases, with a total of 1019 flats. The amenities will be provided for people with disabilities to facilitate their daily living. 

Intimate, safe and surrounded by greenery – this is what the Nowe Miasto Jagodno estate will be all about. The investment will feature both trees and year-round flowering shrubs and perennials. The residents will be able to relax outdoors, using the numerous common areas equipped with benches and playgrounds for the little ones. And 24-hour video surveillance will ensure their safe return home. 

The first phase of the project included 187 flats in three six-storey buildings. The two-level suites are equipped with mezzanine floors, which can be used for a bedroom or a comfortable study. The units located on the top floors have terraces, while ground floor flats have spacious gardens.

The project is being built at the crossroads of Asfaltowa Street and Buforowa Street in Wrocław’s Krzyki district. The neighbourhood is well-connected with the city centre, and also allows for efficient travel outside the capital of Lower Silesia. 

Use permit
wrzesień 2021
Number of buildings
Number of apartments
Apartment area
38,43 - 95,1 m²
Apartment layout
1 - 4 rooms
Above ground parking spaces
Underground parking spaces
Tenant storage units
ul. Drabika
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