Nowa Grobla

About the investment

A prestigious investment – Nowa Grobla Apartamenty – has been built in the center of Gdańsk. The Nowa Grobla Apartamenty housing estate consists of two two-segment buildings with modern and minimalist architecture. Simple shapes and neutral colors made the estate blend in with the surroundings and become an integral part of the center of Gdańsk. The designed buildings include 168 comfortable apartments. In turn, the area of the estate was aesthetically developed – the spaces between the buildings were filled with greenery, lawns and small plant compositions. 

The Nowa Grobla Apartamenty investment was built in the central, prestigious part of Gdańsk. Convenient access to the center, to the outskirts and outside the city makes it an excellent location for professionally active people, families with children and the elderly. In the vicinity of the estate there are numerous shops and service outlets that facilitate everyday shopping and running errands.

The area provides excellent dining facilities – valued restaurants, bakeries and confectioneries are located in the close vicinity. Nearby there are also gas stations, a pharmacy, a hairdresser, beauty salons, fitness studios and medical facilities.

The residents appreciate both the charms of Gdańsk itself and the ability to quickly reach the surrounding towns. Another advantage of the area is the well-developed public transport – trams, buses and water buses. The Nowa Grobla Apartamenty estate is an ideal place to live for people of all ages. Nearby you can find many attractions for adults, families with children and the elderly. There are numerous museums, schools, cultural institutions and sports facilities in the center, and the pier or the picturesque port of Gdansk are just a short tram ride away. 

Use permit
lipiec 2018
Number of buildings
Number of apartments
Number of service units
Apartment area
24,06 - 120,55 m²
Surface area of service units
46,10 - 143,91 m²
Apartment layout
1 - 5 rooms
Underground parking spaces
Tenant storage units
ul. Długa Grobla 8
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