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About the investment

Peace, quiet, closeness to the sea and nature… These are just some of the advantages of the new ATAL Zawiślańska Wille Miejskie development located in Stogi. If you want an intimate atmosphere and a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, but at the same time you like to be surrounded by unique architecture and want to have good access to Gdańsk city center, this will be the perfect place for you.

The unique character of the development is due to 16 intimate urban villas. Each of them will feature 4 apartments ranging from 45 to 96 sqm. A carefully-designed layout of the rooms allows for maximum use of the space. The apartments also offer a lot of freedom in terms of interior design, which means you can arrange them according to your expectations. Under the buildings, there will be a garage hall, where you can safely park your car.

Each apartment comes with a garden or balcony, where you can rest after a hard day, enjoy the taste of your morning coffee or celebrate the time spent with friends. What is certain is that our investment project will allow you to relax just the way you like.

The attractiveness of ATAL Zawiślańska Wille Miejskie also results from the location. Stogi is famous for its wide, sandy beach, where you can sunbathe, enjoy a picnic or look for amber. It is the ideal place for active recreation enthusiasts. The district in rich in numerous green areas, such as the City Forest, where you can go for walks, jog and take bike tours with family and friends. Let us add that it is mainly pine trees, which – together with the sea breeze – create a health-promoting microclimate. This means you can breathe fresh air all year round.

Apart from its tourist and recreational facilities, Stogi has good transport links to the city center, which you can reach by car in just around 15 minutes. Of course, nothing is stopping you from using public transport – there is a bus stop located near the development, which offers convenient access to various parts of Gdańsk. The nearby National Road 89 facilitates comfortable travel to other corners of the region.

In close proximity to the development you will find the amenities to satisfy your most important daily needs. There are stores (including supermarkets), pharmacies and even a swimming pool. Parents will be happy to know that an elementary school is also located within a small distance of the development, and a little farther away – also a dance school and two kindergartens.

Start of construction
Q2 2024
End of construction
Q2 2026
Number of buildings
Number of apartments
Apartment area
45,52 - 96,18 m²
Apartment layout
2-4 rooms
Above ground parking spaces
Underground parking spaces
Tenant storage units
Rooms for two-wheelers
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