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About the investment

ATAL SKY+ is the best location for anyone looking for the perfect place to allocate their savings in investment properties. Building C of the first multi-functional complex in Silesia, ATAL SKY+, will offer 248 investment apartments. The 15-story building will feature an impressive main entrance with a reception desk and a representative lobby, located on the side of the courtyard. Inside, there will be units ranging in size from 24 to 37 square meters to suit investors’ needs, with varying standards of finish.

A comprehensive offer of investment apartments, ATAL SKY+, allows you to purchase a unit with finishing and retrofitting options. You can choose from six modern finish standards in various styles. This means you get a finished apartment in your chosen style, and most importantly, save time and money.

All ATAL SKY+ investment apartments will be available with finishes according to one of six standards: Dark+, Colour+, Elegant+, Mosaic+, Warm+, White+. Thanks to the ability to choose a style from a wide range of colors and materials, each investor will receive a finished unit that can start making money almost immediately. The finishing packages were created in line with the latest trends and attention to every detail. Necessary furnishing will also match the proposed standards.

Investors wishing to furnish their apartments in their own unique style will be able to take advantage of ATAL Design customized finishing program. This solution is dedicated to everyone who, instead of the standard ATAL SKY+ apartment finish, would like to arrange their space differently, for example, as a small office, manicure studio or service area. As long as the selected property remains at the shell stage, it is possible to make a decision and tailor the interiors to individual needs.

Start of construction
Q4 2022
End of construction
Q3 2025
Number of buildings
Liczba apartamentów inwestycyjnych
Powierzchnie apartamentów
24 - 37 m²
Miejsca parkingowe na poziomie -1 i -2
Apartment sales statistics
Choose your dream apartment
24 37
min. max.
300000 700000
min. max.
al. Wojciecha Korfantego
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