ATAL Marina

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A unique design in terms of its architecture, optimal location, functional solutions in the interiors are the distinguishing features of the ATAL Marina Apartamenty investment. This multi-phase investment is located on Krzyżówka Street (ul. Krzyżówki), in Warsaw’s Białołęka district.

The unique ATAL Marina Apartamenty I project consists of 5 multi-family buildings with unique, lightweight architecture. Each one of them is an architecturally simple modernist block surrounded by large, irregular terraces set on steel poles that mimic tree trunks. The predominance of balcony windows gives the investment a light visual effect, and allows for optimal illumination of flats. Building A has five floors, while buildings B, C, D and E are four-storey buildings. The investment has a total of 178 residential units. Each flat additionally has a terrace, and ground-floor flats have a garden that can be arranged freely. All car traffic in the investment takes place underground, in two underground parking garages.

The proximity of stores allows the residents to do the daily shopping quickly, and the well-developed transportation hub enables efficient access to the city centre. In addition, there are public utilities, healthcare facilities, as well as sports centres in the vicinity of the estate.

An unquestionable advantage of the estate is its proximity to the Żerański Canal, which can be used to sail directly to the Zegrze Reservoir. This place is particularly popular with water sports enthusiasts and those who enjoy outdoor activities. In addition, there is a water equipment rental nearby offering kayaks, boats and water skis. There are a total of nine ports and marinas on the Reservoir, including the Nieporęt Yacht Harbour, popular among windsurfers, and the iconic “Water Jet” Marina. 

Use permit
lipiec 2014
Number of buildings
Number of apartments
Apartment area
28 - 111 m²
Apartment layout
1 - 4 rooms
Underground parking spaces
ul. Krzyżówki
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