Francuska Park V

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ATAL Francuska Park is a multi-stage investment, which was built at the intersection of Francuska Street and the Airport in Katowice. This location was chosen by people who want to enjoy the charms of life in the city, but who at the same time appreciate the proximity to nature.

It is a modern residential complex, in the first five stages of which a total of 12 buildings with a cascade layout of four to eight floors and 880 apartments were built. In all buildings on -1 level there are garages with separate parking spaces and storage rooms.

For the convenience of the residents, 15 commercial and service premises have been created in the estate, which make it easier for the residents to deal with everyday matters.

As part of the fifth stage two buildings were built on the side of Szybowcowa Street. At this stage of the investment, 141 apartments with layouts from 2 to 4 rooms were built. For the convenience of future residents, architects have planned well laid out apartments of various areas from 37 to as much as 148 sq m. Vehicle owners can take advantage of 157 parking spaces in the underground garage and 10 above-ground parking spaces. Residents could also purchase storage rooms, of which there were 92 at this stage of the investment. They can provide additional storage space.

ATAL Francuska Park was created for clients who value the quality and aesthetics of buildings as well as harmonious composition with the surroundings. Green areas with places for recreation and a playground encourage to spend time outdoors.

The safety of the residents is provided by video surveillance, and the estate is fully fenced and adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

The advantage of the estate is also its location. The infrastructure and communication hub of the A4 motorway, which is crucial for southern Poland, provides quick access to other cities in the agglomeration, as well as to Wrocław and Kraków, and it is located close to the investment. On the other hand, urban life enthusiasts will find numerous attractions in the city centre, which can be reached via Francuska Street.

The green neighbourhood of the Three Ponds Valley (Dolina Trzech Stawów) and the Katowice Forest Park (Katowicki Park Leśny) encourages residents to spend time actively and to rest outdoors. There are also interesting spots for gastronomy nearby. In a dozen or so minutes one can reach the Park behind the Airport and Rollerblade Road (Rolkostrada), which is a great offer for spending time actively. Within a short walk there is also the “Trzy Stawy” shopping centre, as well as educational institutions and offices.

Use permit
marzec 2019
Number of buildings
Number of apartments
Apartment area
37,36 - 148,53 m²
Apartment layout
2 - 4 rooms
Above ground parking spaces
Underground parking spaces
Tenant storage units
ul. Francuska
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