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About the investment

The small ATAL Aura II housing estate will be built in Łódź at Telefoniczna Street. Its strengths are the ideal location in a green, peaceful neighbourhood and the easy access to the city’s amenities.  

ATAL Aura II will comprise three six-floor buildings with an underground garage on the -1 level. Our offer includes 205 flats of various sizes and arrangements.

Large windows will ensure optimum access of daylight. The balconies, loggias or backyards for flats on the ground floor will be excellent places for outdoor rest.  Outside the building, there will be space for relaxation and community life, with not only impressive public spaces enclosed in greenery but also a playground provided. 

The architects made sure that the design of the ATAL Aura II housing estate is elegant and perfectly matches the surrounding buildings. White with some light-grey additions and anthracite decorative plaster will be the dominant colour. Such additions as wood-like windows and black faces of balconies and railings will add characters to the façade. The site will be fenced on three sides, which will definitely have a positive impact on the residents’ sense of security. 

ATAL Aura II is a perfect place for anyone who appreciates easy access to the most important parts of Łódź. The Łódź University campus, the Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Łódź, the Green Horizon business centre, as well as schools, stores and public transport stops are located in the vicinity. It takes just about a dozen minutes to get to the very centre of the city and Piotrkowska Street. People who often leave the city will find the access to the nearest junction, where the A1 and A2 motorways cross, very convenient. 

ATAL Aura II is more than excellent access to transport routes, but also multiple green areas. The housing estate is located in a picturesque neighbourhood and is surrounded by single family homes.  The nearby parks encourage walks and physical activity in free time.

The excellent location and safe neighbourhood will make ATAL Aura II a perfect place for living. Our offer is intended both for families looking for peace and quiet and for people focused on their professional careers. It is also an interesting offer for investors active in the real estate market. 

Start of construction
Q3 2023
End of construction
Q2 2025
Number of buildings
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Apartment area
26,36 - 96,97 m²
Apartment layout
1 - 4 rooms
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