Drewnowska 43

About the investment

In a prestigious location, near the Staromiejski Park (Park Staromiejskiej) and the revitalized Poznański Factory complex (Fabryka Poznańskiego; Manufaktura), Apartamenty Drewnowska 43 was built – an exclusive investment that combines residential, service and office functions and provides residents with perfect conditions for living, working or relaxing.

The Apartamenty Drewnowska 43 investment has been divided into four stages. In the first stage, seven buildings were built, including 264 apartments of various areas, numerous storage rooms, commercial and service premises and offices, as well as parking spaces. Some of the buildings have been equipped with openly accessible green terraces located on the roofs. Service and office premises are planned mainly in the four-story front building, which stretches along the Drewnowska Street. The buildings are separated from the street by a sidewalk and an elevated green belt. The residential zone of the estate is consistent with the service and office part in terms of aesthetics, architecture and finishing standard. The common space has been arranged in the form of terraces, courtyards with benches, playgrounds for children and interesting plant compositions.

The Apartamenty Drewnowska 43 investment was built in the area of downtown buildings. The close vicinity of the estate has a lot to offer. In the immediate vicinity there is a revitalized Manufaktura complex with numerous shops, boutiques, food outlets and a cinema. The Museum of the City of Łódź (Muzeum Miasta Łodzi), the MS2 Art Museum (Muzeum Sztuki MS2), the Popular Theater (Teatr Powszechny) and the Experymentarium Science Center (Centrum Nauki Experymentarium) are all located nearby. Public transport and extensive road infrastructure allow to conveniently access the city center or leave the city. Nearby, there is the charming Old Town Park, to which the Old Market Square adjoins. In the immediate vicinity there is also the Freedom Square (Plac Wolności), from which the famous Piotrkowska Street starts – the cultural and entertainment center of Łódź. The estate was erected in the place where a fabric processing and production factory was established at the end of the 19th century. Such a historical and interesting location of the estate is an additional advantage for everyone interested in the rich history of Łódź and its manufacturers.

Use permit
marzec 2020
Number of buildings
Number of apartments
Number of service units
Liczba lokali biurowych
Apartment area
25,37 - 94,91 m²
Surface area of service units
88,35 - 212,34 m²
Powierzchnie lokali biurowych
30,20 - 241,81 m²
Apartment layout
1 - 4 rooms
Above ground parking spaces
Underground parking spaces
Tenant storage units
ul. Drewnowska 43
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