About the investment

The Apartamenty Dmowskiego investment was built in Poznań’s Górczyn district on the corner of Krauthofer Street and Górka Street. The first phase included four eight-storey buildings with 294 flats.

Elegance, comfort, and security – these qualities guided the architects who designed Apartamenty Dmowskiego. The residents could choose from 294 spacious two-, three- and four-room flats. The flats range in area from 43 sq m to 103 sq m have fully met the housing needs of every young family. A large underground parking garage was also made available to the residents.

Another ATAL project in Poznań stands out for its unconventional architecture. The delicate whiteness of the buildings is contrasted with the colour of raw graphite, making the investment more distinctive. On the other hand, large windows and glazed balconies provide excellent light to the residential units. However, the Apartamenty Dmowskiego investment is not only about interesting design. The architects designed this project with green areas and the safety of the residents in mind. Wide alleys illuminated by a modern, energy-efficient lighting system and a separate space for children appealed to the tenants. The investment is also fully accessible to people with disabilities.

The tram and bus stops and the Poznań Górczyn railway station are located in the immediate vicinity of the complex. An extensive network of transport links makes it less of a challenge to travel around Poznań or get to major Polish cities. The motorists also appreciate the proximity to two of Poznań’s main thoroughfares – Hetmańska Street and Głogowska Street. Exceptional location is the main advantage of Apartamenty Dmowskiego.

The investment is located between two parks. In just a few minutes walk you can find yourself in the quaint Kasprowicz Park or the charming Górczynski Park. Numerous playgrounds, a swimming pool and tennis courts encourage active leisure activities. The Kasprowicz Park is also home to the sports and entertainment arena (called simply ARENA), and the historic Market Square (Rynek Łazarski) is also close by. It combines a market with places ideal for relaxation.

You can visit the nearby stores, as well as shopping and service centres for daily shopping. The neighbourhood is known for its rich and varied educational offerings, from public and private kindergartens to elementary schools. There are also banks, health centres, pharmacies and charming eateries nearby.

Use permit
marzec 2021
Number of buildings
Number of apartments
Apartment area
43,35 - 103,94 m²
Apartment layout
2 - 4 rooms
Above ground parking spaces
Underground parking spaces
Tenant storage units
ul. Krauthofera
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