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Due to the high interest in the offer, we would like to inform that the Customer may pre-book no more than 2 units for 7 days.

Sales Office
51-109 Wrocław,
ul. Na Polance 22F
Work hours:
monday 10.00 - 18.00
tuesday - friday 08.00 - 16.00
Katarzyna Dowgiałło Apartment Sales Assistant
Anna Łuksik Apartment Sales Specialist
Dorota Dulińska-Katulska Senior Specialist in Apartment Sales
Sabina Bąk Apartment Sales Manger
Agnieszka Majkusiak Sales Director
Department of Finishing ATAL Design
Joanna Kuwik Apartment Finishing Assistant
Magdalena Gregor Apartment Finishing Specialist
Malwina Sasin acting Head of the Finishing Department
Branch Office
50-541 Wrocław,
al. Armii Krajowej 61
Work hours:
monday - friday 8.00 - 16.00
Zofia Golasz Client Contract Manager
Paweł Pala Wrocław Branch Director
Paweł Hernik Consultant of the President for Design
Zuzanna Mróz Chief Architect of ATAL S.A.
Development Project Preparation Department
Customer Contracts Department
After-Sales Service Department
Construction Office
ATAL City Square
Jagodno Enklawa
Nowe Miasto Jagodno
Nowe Miasto Młyn Różanka
Nowe Miasto Różanka
Common Areas Design Department
Magdalena Kornaga Architect
Weronika Żwaka Architect