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About Us

ATAL S.A. is a developer company that is specializing in building residential complexes that are located in the biggest cities in Poland. Founder and owner of ATAL is Polish businessman Zbigniew Juroszek has professional experience. ATAL as a joint-stock company was founded in 2006, but Zbigniew Juroszek ran his developer activity much earlier. The first developer projects that included residential building were started in 2003. In actual sale offer there are developer investments that are realized in Katowice, Kraków, Łódź, Warszawa, Trójmiasto and Poznań. Company is also managing one of the most advanced programme of finishing turnkey apartments – Atal Design, that is used by over 50 % of people that bought the premises. In December 2013 stocks of the company debuted on Catalyst market. At 15 June 2015 at the turn of May and June the Initial public offering for ATAL stock was held. In 2015 company debuted on Stock Exchange in Warsaw. ATAL is member of Polish Association of Developers. In the last years company was frequently rewarded Gazelle of Business, Forbes Diamonds, Pearls of Polish Economy and the title of Construction Company of the year, among others.