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City Towers Czyżyny II

Krakow, ul. Marii Dąbrowskiej

Description of the investment

Czyzyny Citi Towers is a complex of six residential buildings with service shops. We gave it this name as it reflects perfectly the character of this project. Six 8-storey buildings will soon appear on the landscape of the city, and will distinguish because of the colors and a modern elevation. We used stone slabs, mineral plaster and cladding made by prestigous brand Trespa. The whole investment will be maintained in the colors referring to nature, such as brown and graphite gray. In addition, we took special care of the look of balconies, by using steel and glass balustrades. We got a wonderful visual effect. We focus on high standard in our apartments. The buildings will be made using the latest technologies and all the apartments will be designed in a way that enables individual arrangement of the space. All of the residential buildings will be characterized by modern architecture that fits perfectly into the nature of the growing city. For the convenience of prospective customers, the apartments will be offered in a wide range of living areas – from 29 to 126 m2. Their areas were designed to maximize their functionality, even for the most demanding customers. We offer you one-, two-, three- and four-room apartmens, with large balconies giving views across the city. Each of our customers will find a suitable apartment for them and we guarantee that it will meet their needs and requirements. Kitchen is the center of family life and the bathroom should be primarily functional. For the sake of convenience and customer satisfaction we combined functional solutions with the materials of highest quality. Kitchenettes and an interesting arrangement of the rooms ensure maximum functionality to the future residents so they could enjoy the comfort of designed interiors. We want to make sure that every square meter has been used in the best possible way. For all of the customers who value comfort, we have spacious bathrooms, that will give you pleasure already by arranging them. To solve the problem of parking space, we prepared two garages on the ground floors of the buildings that will provide 46 parking spaces in each building. There will be another 115 parking places outside. Our architects have designed the storerooms and – for all those who spend time activly – spaces for bicycles. An important aspect of this project is the construction of internal roads which will make the communication throughout the entire complex significantly easier and will connect the investment with the rest of the city. Due to the location of the investment we should enlist the most important assets of it. On the ground floor of residential buildings you will find commercial premises, significantly improving the quality of life of the future residents. Do not forget about the very close neighborhood – Shopping Center Czyzyny. Daily shopping or handling important issues will not be a problem, because all you need is at your fingertips. Fenced area including monitoring will help you enjoy the constant security at the highest level. Each of our buildings are accessible for disabled people, which significantly improve the convenience of everyday life. Modern space management between the buildings guarantees the uniqueness of the Czyzyny City Towers. We used green terraces enjoying great success in the market. Having this type of space almost in the city center is a luxury that we want to offer you. This is the right place to relax after a busy day, gather strength to work or just spend time with your loved ones without leaving the city. Pavemnet, lawn with garden infrastructure elements, rock gardens, shrubs and trees will increase the aesthetic value of the investment and complement the image of the whole. Our best architects took care of the living space. We did everything we could to meet the needs of the future customers. Favorable prices for every budget are the additional advantage of our investment. They will make the investment Czyzyny City Towers an attractive option for anyone who appreciates innovative solutions and security. Being aware of how important step in everybody’s life buying an own apartment is, we will help you choose, dispelling any doubts, serving professional advise and responding to each question. Our staff is for you. Welcome. Your comfort of life is our dream.


Premises hand over:February 2016
Number of buildings:5
Number of apartments:184
Apartments area:25-114 sq. m.
Apartments layout: 1, 2, 3, 4 rooms
Underground garage parking places:102 places
Ground level parking places:101 places


Our investment

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