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The principal aim of the ATAL Group is to maximise the worth for the shareholders by implementing apartment projects and ensuring a sufficient margin level. The Group doesn`t intend to participate in low-margin projects with price being the only competitiveness factor. The target product of the Group are premium standard apartments with a good location and an appropriate prices. In view of the above, the Group focuses just on those locations that let it achieve the expected margin level and at the same time competitive prices. The Group is a leading developer, not only in terms of the financial revenues, but also in terms of the implemented projects.

The strategy of the Group aims at:

• establishing a stable position on the Warsaw real estate market,
• remaining a leading developer on the Cracow real estate market,
• increasing the participation on the Wroclaw real estate market,
• retaining the leading position in the Katowice and Lodz real estate markets,
• building a strong position on the Tricity and Poznan markets.


The company is now the only one investing in Poland`s all large cities. Such diversification lets the Company be more independent in terms of the changing market situation.