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Basic information

ATAL S.A. is one of Poland`s leading developers. It specializes in housing estates, single multi-family houses, single-family houses located in Poland`s largest cities. It is since June 2015 that the shares of ATAL S.A. have been officially listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

ATAL`s founder and leading shareholder is Polish entrepreneur Zbigniew Juroszek who can boast a 25 years old business experience. Even though ATAL in the form of the stock offering company was founded in 2006, Zbigniew Juroszek started his developer activity much earlier. The first developer projects, including residential buildings, were implemented as early as in 2003. Now ATAL S.A. enjoys a leading position among Poland`s largest developers. Our sales offer includes the developer investments in Gliwice, Katowice, Cracow, Łodz, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Tricity and Poznan. The stability of the company is guaranteed by a high level of the own financial resources.

ATAL is a member of the Polish Union of Developers. It participates in various programs, i.e. Financially Credible Company, Trustworthy Company and was therefore awarded the Golden Certificate. It was awarded many prestigious titles and awards including: Budowlana Firma Roku, Firma Roku Ziemi Cieszyńskiej Polski Herkules, Perła Polskiej Gospodarki, Gazela Biznesu, Deweloper Roku, Diamenty Forbesa. The President of the Management Board Zbigniew Juroszek was also personally distinguished by the monthly magazine “Builder” with the title “Personality of the Building Sector 2014”.

According to the Management Board, ATAL Group can boast a number of competitive advantages:


• long experience in terms of implementing developer projects
• implementing the tasks with the help of the Group`s companies (no external general contractors)
• own sales network
• project implementation without the participation of the target companies
• apartments equipped on a turnkey basis – ATAL Design
• low withdrawal level (low withdrawal from Developer Contracts)
• reasonable choice of project locations
• diversification of the markets and projects
• more than 25 years of experience (President of the Management Board), 15 years of experience in the developer sector
• qualified and experienced manager staff
• solid financial position and diversification of financing sources
• safe structure of the balance sheet
• high rate of return


According to the Group, its competitiveness lies also in the stable structure of shares, persistent implementation of the development strategy designed by the Management Board, increasing the own capital by retaining the earned financial resources in the Group, decision promptness, the ability to acquire the financing from the bank sector (long-term cooperation with the banks resulting in acquiring the status of a highly credible customer), acquiring financially attractive project locations, high quality and very good adjustment of the projects to the needs of our customers.