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Osiedle Cichy Zaułek

Wrocław , ul. Chrzanowskiego

  • ATAL S.A. Apartment Sales Office
    51-109 Wrocław,
    ul. Na Polance 22F
  • work hours:
    monday - tuesday 10.00 - 18.00
    wednesday - friday 8.00 - 16.00
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Description of the investment

Cichy Zaulek is a complex of rather not high buildings with an extremely interesting architecture. Each staircase looks like an individual “tenement house” but with modern colors and shapes. On the front elevation there are cornices, plinths and other architectural details underlying the unique character of this investment. Clock tower at the southeastern corner that predominates over the buildings graces the whole investment as well as the receding the southwestern corner what resulted in more open character of the investment.


End of construction: Investment sold
Number of apartments: 134
Apartments area: 41 - 103 sq. m.


Our investment we Wrocławiu