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Nowe Miasto Różanka Młynarska

Wrocław, ul. Młynarska


Description of the investment

The picturesque Różanka is one of the most dynamically developing districts of Wrocław. It is there, not far from the Oder River, that Nowe Miasto Różanka is being built. It is a modern housing estate with carefully developed architecture which will match the surroundings and create a refuge for its future residents.

The new housing project is being constructed at Obornicka and Młynarska Streets in Wrocław. During the first stage, two buildings with 152 residential units were erected. The designed residential units have 2 to 4 rooms and each covers an area from 42 to 101 sq. m. All the units were built with easy interior design and diverse residential needs in mind. The architects ensured outdoor parking spaces within the project perimeter and in the underground car park. To ensure comfort of the disabled, there are parking spaces outdoors and in the car park at -1 level. The buildings feature numerous private storage areas as well.

The subsequent project stage, i.e. Nowe Miasto Różanka IB, is a unique design. The building which used to be a part of historical “Różanka Mill” was restored. That stage comprised one building with 9 floors. It housed 40 residential units with the area ranging from 29 up to as much as 101 sq. m. The residents could choose from comfortable one-, two-, three- or four-room units. The offer included two- and three-floor residential units on the seventh floor as well. The project includes aboveground parking spaces and 40 private storage areas. Baby prams and strollers as well as bikes can be stored in the dedicated storage room.

The second project stage consists of two buildings. They house 250 residential units altogether, covering a wide range of areas from 41 to 96 sq. m. The motor vehicle drivers were able to buy parking spaces for their vehicles in underground garages or in the outdoor car park. Numerous private storage rooms are an extra advantage.

At the third stage of Nowe Miasto Różanka project, one building with 95 residential units with sizes ranging from 42 to 93 sq. m was built. Depending on their individual needs, the customers could buy two-, three- or four-room apartments. There were numerous parking spaces in the garage for car owners. The building comprised 77 private storage rooms as well.

The fourth stage of Nowe Miasto Różanka expanded the project with one building offering 135 residential units to the buyers. The offer included residential areas of different sizes, ranging from 33 to 109 sq. m, and different numbers of rooms, from studios to spacious five-room units. To cater for the needs of motor vehicle users, there were parking spaces designed in an underground car park and above ground. Less frequently used items can be comfortably stored in one of the 61 private storage areas.

The subsequent stage of the project will be the restored building of the Młyn Różanka . It will house 112 residential units with the area ranging from 25 up to as much as 126 sq. m. The future buyers will be able to choose from 1- to 5-room units. The building will have 79 private storage areas. Car owners will be able to use outdoor parking spaces and an electric vehicle charging station. The ground-floor part and the tower with terraces will house 11 retail units. The wide range of sizes, from 45 to 267 sq. m, will enable customers to select a location perfectly suited for the intended business.

Nowe Miasto Różanka Villa “Rosa” consists of a single two-floor building. It offers 8 apartments. The buyers could choose from apartments ranging from 49 to 88 sq. m in size and a variety of two, three and four rooms layouts. Motor vehicle users will be able to use aboveground parking spaces. To make it easier for the buyers to store items, the building offers 8 private storage areas. To cater for the needs of the disabled, there is a platform designed which enables to cover the height difference between the residential floor landing and the level of the building entrance.

The last project stage is a building with 7 aboveground floors and 1 underground floor. Future buyers will be able to choose from 186 residential units with sizes ranging from about 35 sq. m to 105 sq. m and consisting of either two, three or four rooms. All residential units will offer balconies, loggias or terraces. On the premises of the investment will have both aboveground and underground parking spaces. The residents will be able to use a dedicated storage space for prams and strollers and one for bikes. The ground floor will offer 8 retail units with sizes ranging from about 40 to more than 90 sq. m. The yard in the housing estate will provide a perfect leisure and relax space for the residents. The project design will be aesthetically pleasing and consistent with the surroundings. The buildings will be surrounded by visually attractive vegetation, paved areas and street furniture. The housing estate will offer playgrounds for children and leisure areas as well. To cater for the needs of elderly and disabled residents, there are wide walkways, low curbs as well as quiet and spacious lifts designed.

The housing estate location will ensure comfortable living conditions to people of any age. The working residents will find it easier to get to work, while the elderly and families with children will benefit from the pleasant, green surroundings and the ability to relax in the housing estate or nearby. The housing estate is situated outside the inner centre of Wrocław, but ensures all necessary traffic facilities. Nearby, there are numerous bus and tram lines, and the project perimeter offers fast connection to the A8 Motorway Bypass going towards Łódź and Warsaw or to the national road no. 5 to Poznań.

The Nowe Miasto Różanka housing estate combines the comfort of living outside the inner centre of the city with the closeness to leisure areas and access to well-developed city infrastructure. At a short distance from the estate, there are numerous shops, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, schools, nursery schools and shopping malls. The residents will be able to comfortably do their everyday shopping nearby.

Investment completed
End of construction: II quarter 2023
Occupancy permit: III quarter 2023
Number of buildings: 1
Number of flats: 186
Flats area: 35,15 – 105,53 sq. m.
Number of flats: 2 - 4 rooms
Number of commercial locations: 8
Parking spaces in the underground garage 156
Ground parking spaces 20
Flats sales statistics
free: 6
reserved: 1
sold: 187


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