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Nowe Miasto Różanka IV

Wrocław, ul. Obornicka/Młynarska


Description of the investment

The picturesque Różanka is one of the fastest growing districts of Wrocław. It is there, in the vicinity of the Odra River, that Nowe Miasto Różanka is being built – a modern housing estate with refined architecture that will blend in with the surroundings and create a home asylum for future residents.

The new residential project is being implemented at Obornicka/Młynarska Street in Wrocław. In the first stage, two buildings will be erected, where 152 apartments are planned. The designed residential premises will have from 2 to 4 rooms with floor areas ranging from 42.07 to 101.45 sqm. The project is planned with care for easy interior design and diversified housing needs. Within the two designed buildings, outdoor parking spaces and underground parking spaces have been provided. For the comfort of people with disabilities, parking spaces outside the buildings and few in the car park located at the level of -1 are planned. The buildings will also include numerous storage rooms.

The next stage of the development – IB – will be a unique project. The old building, which used to function as a historical part of the "Różanka Mill", will undergo revitalization, taking into account historical details. This stage will include one building with 9 floors. There will be 40 flats in a wide range of floor areas: from 29.4 to as much as 101 sqm. Future residents will be able to choose from comfortable one-, two-, three- and four-room flats. The offer will also include two- and three-level flats located on the seventh floor. There will be ground-based parking spaces and 40 storage rooms in the building. Prams and bikes will be stored in a special room.

The second stage of the project will consist of two buildings. There will be a total of 250 flats. A wide range of sizes – from 41.49 to 94.28 sqm – will allow future residents to choose premises suited to their own needs and expectations. Car owners will find places for their vehicles in underground garages or in an external car park with parking spaces. An additional convenience for residents will be numerous storage rooms.

In the third stage of the Nowe Miasto Różanka project, one building will be constructed. It will have 95 flats of various sizes – from 42 to 92 sqm. Depending on individual needs, customers will be able to buy a two-, three- or four-room apartment. There will be a lot of parking spaces for car owners in the garage hall. The facility will also house 77 storage rooms.

The fourth stage of the Nowe Miasto Różanka project will consist of one building which will offer 135 apartments to future buyers. The offer includes various areas – from 33.56 to 109.07 sqm. – and room layouts – from studio apartments to spacious five-room apartments. In concern of the motorists, parking spaces in the underground garage and ground spaces have been designed. Comfortable storage for less frequently used items will be provided by 61 storage units.

Nowe Miasto Różanka Villa "Rosa" will consist of one building with two floors. It will contain 8 apartments. Future buyers will be able to choose from 49.20 to 88.11 sq.m in size and a variety of two-, three- and four-room layouts. Ground-based parking spaces have been designed for motorized tenants. To make it easier for future buyers to store items, there will be 8 storage units in the building. And in concern of the needs of the disabled, a platform has been designed to overcome the difference in height between the floor slab of the residential storey and the level of entrance to the building.

The development project has been designed with care for aesthetics and harmony with the surroundings. The flats will have spacious balconies, loggias or gardens. The buildings will be surrounded by aesthetic greenery, paving and elements of small architecture. The housing estate will also have two playgrounds for children. Wide footpaths, low curbs and quiet and spacious lifts have been designed for the elderly and people with disabilities.

The location of the housing estate will ensure comfortable housing conditions for people of all ages. Professionally active residents will easily get to work and seniors and people with children will benefit from a pleasant, green environment and opportunities to rest within the estate or in close proximity. The estate is located outside the centre of Wrocław, but provides all communication facilities. Numerous bus and tram lines run nearby, and from the development area you can quickly get to the A8 motorway ring road in the direction of Łódź and Warsaw or to the national road number 5 which leads to Poznań.

The Nowe Miasto Różanka estate will combine the comfort of living outside the strict city centre with the proximity of recreational areas and access to extensive urban infrastructure. Near the estate, there are numerous shops, pharmacies, clinics, schools, kindergartens and shopping centres. Daily shopping will be convenient and can be done in the immediate vicinity.

In construction
Occupancy permit: IV kwartał 2020
Number of buildings: 1
Number of apartments: 135
Apartments area: 33,56 – 109,07 sq.m.
Apartments layout: 1 - 5 rooms
Underground garage parking places: 109
Ground level parking places: 27
Number of commercial premises: 61
Lokale usługowe: 0


Our investment we Wrocławiu

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