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Nowe Miasto Jagodno II

Wrocław, ul. Buforowa / Asfaltowa


Description of the investment

Nowe Miasto Jagodno residential area, which is being built in Wrocław Krzyki district, will be distinguished by intimate and elegant buildings. Impressive greenery and attractive architectural solutions will make the investment by ATAL S.A. a perfect place for both active people and those looking for a moment of relaxation at home.

The colors of the buildings of Nowe Miasto Jagodno will be kept in two currently fashionable shades – white and graphite. Gray panels will be placed on the roof of a building to emphasize the modern design of the investment. Architectural curiosity used in the investment are refined, openwork balconies, which will be supplemented with elements of living greenery, the so-called hanging gardens. From the front, the architects planned a white facade with dominant graphite elements and glass balustrades. The residential area will be in line with the current trends in residential construction.

Nowe Miasto Jagodno is a modern complex of buildings in which the convenience of current and future residents is paramount. The area will therefore feature a spacious, underground garage, silent-running elevators and storage rooms. The architects also took care of allocating space for an ground-level car park. Disabled people will be provided with amenities that facilitate their everyday functioning.

Intimate, safe and surrounded by greenery – this is what Nowe Miasto Jagodno will be like. The investment area will feature trees, shrubs and perennials blooming all year round, which you will be able to admire while walking along wide cobbled alleys. The greenery surrounding the complex will be emphasized by an intuitive and energy-saving lighting system. In addition, a 24/7 monitoring system will ensure a safe return home.

The architects responsible for the first stage of the investment planned 187 apartments in three six-story buildings. The residents could choose between 2- to 4-room apartments. Duplex apartments are equipped with mezzanines, where you can arrange a bedroom or comfortable study. In turn, the apartments on the top floors have impressive terraces, and the ones on the ground floor – spacious gardens.

The second stage of the investment consists of two six-story buildings with 111 apartments of various areas ranging from 32.07 to 104.60 sq m. On level -1, parking places in the underground garage as well as useful storage rooms have been provided to the residents. The investment also includes a ground-level car park. In the ground-floor part of the investment, three service premises were created. A modern and safe playground has been designed for the youngest residents.

The next stage will include five buildings with 295 apartments with areas ranging from 33 sq m to 102 sq m. The offer will include apartments from 1 to 4 rooms, and future residents will gain additional space thanks to the storage rooms. The buildings will also include a spacious underground garage. There is also an ground-level car park in the area of the investment, where places for motorcycles will be provided. People using electric cars will have the opportunity to buy eco-friendly places, where they can easily charge their cars.

The fourth stage of the investment will include four buildings – two four-story and two five-story, in which the total of 227 apartments of various sizes will be offered for use. The mezzanines will spice up the apartments on the top floors, while those on the ground floor will be enlarged by gardens. The apartments on the top floors will have a balcony. The architecture of this stage will create a coherent entirety with the remaining buildings in this area. In each of the buildings there is a space intended for storage rooms and an underground garage. The investment are is also planned to include a ground-level car park, a playground for children, numerous bicycle stands and bicycle rooms – everything for the comfort and convenience of future residents.

The investment by ATAL S.A. will be located at the intersection of Asfaltowa and Buforowa Streets in Wrocław Krzyki district. This most dynamically developing district of Wrocław is perfectly connected with the city center. In the vicinity of the residential area there are plans for i.a. construction of a modern tram loop and expansion of Buforowa Street with a second lane. The plans also include comprehensive renovation of several dozen kilometers of pavements and bicycle paths.

In construction
Occupancy permit: I quarter 2022
Number of buildings: 2
Number of apartments: 111
Apartment area: 32,07 - 104,60 sq. m.
Apartments layout: 1 -4 rooms
Underground garage parking places: 110
Dependent garage spaces: 18
Independent garage spaces: 26
Outdoor garage spaces for the disabled: 3
Number of commercial locations: 3
Storage areas: 59
Flats sales statistics
free: 0
reserved: 0
sold: 114


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