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Krakowska 37

Wrocław, ul. Krakowska 37


Description of the investment

Krakowska 37 is an investment development project. It is worth noting that the owner of the premises is able to use it according to their own needs, since the premises in terms of functionality often resemble classic flats. Krakowska 37 offers a varied choice of sizes: buyers can opt for a very small flat within the limits of 20 sq. m or buy a much larger one, e.g. with an area of 60 sq m, with a separate kitchen and a large terrace.

The owner also has the option of renting the premises directly to tourists, an external agent or an operator who pays them a fixed percentage of the value of the flat or a share of the revenue obtained from tourists. When buying a real estate, the owner is able to fully dispose of it and decide about it on their own. There is no obligation to let the real estate be managed by an external company.

The profitability of this type of investment is at the level of 5-8% per year, so in the case of an apartment worth 200 thousand PLN net the expected rate of return is 10-16 thousand PLN per year.
The purchase of this type of premises can be treated as an alternative way of financing for the own capital. It should be remembered as well that VAT can also be deducted in the case of purchases made by natural persons.


The investment is over
Occupancy permit: I quarter 2020
Number of buildings: 2
Number of investment premises: 263
Investment premises area: 17,12 - 64,02 mkw.
Investment premises layout: 1 - 3 pokojowe
Round level parking places: 34
Underground garage parking places: 81
Storage facilities: 117
Number of commercial locations:: 12
Area of commercial premises: 53,07 - 129,32 mkw.


Our investment we Wrocławiu

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