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Dyrekcyjna 33 Apartamenty

Wrocław, ul. Dyrekcyjna 33


Description of the investment

Close to the market, in the heart of Wroclaw, between Dyrekcyjna and Dawida street, you will find ATAL's newest investment, the ATAL-Dyrekcyjna 33 Condominiums development. Dyrekcyjna 33 houses 211 condos designed with ample space, to provide a luxurious lifestyle for its future owners. It also features 9 commercial units on the ground floor. It has 7 storeys, of which the last is designed in the form of an attic utility. The units vary in size from 26 to 129 sqm. Most of them have a balcony, while those on the last floor have terraces. Future ground-floor condo owners will have their own individual gardens.

The condos in Dyrekcyjna 33 have been designed in modern architecture and are located near the very heart of Wroclaw. Thanks to the various facade materials used such a clinker tile, the building fits in well with the surrounding urban landscape. What makes the complex so unique in nature, is the attention put into every single detail, in particular the harmonious colour composition of its exterior walls.  

The design combines comfort and functionality. There are 175 parking spaces in the underground parkade and numerous parking spots around on the premises of the development.

The building will also feature state-of-the-art elevators spanning all the storeys of the building.

 Dyrekcyjna 33 Condominiums provide its residents with the comfort and safety they need, 24 hours a day, thanks to CCTV, intercoms and an alarm system. The area surrounding the building will feature a playground for children, benches to sit down and relax while the green area will be meticulously taken care of. The design has been adapted to suit people with disabilities.

The development’s  key advantage is location. It combines the proximity of a multicultural atmosphere with a modern well-developed infrastructure.

This is the perfect place for people with an active lifestyle who appreciate the advantages of big city life, and who will benefit from the city's cultural and technological wealth. Popular shopping malls located nearby– the Arkady Wroclawskie and CH Renoma, are ideal places for meeting friends and indulging in numerous entertainment amenities. The development's central location provides for easy and efficient communication with other parts of the city. Travelling in and out of the city itself has never been easier thanks to the proximity to the main train and bus stations.

Close to the Dyrekcyjna 33 development you will also find many schools, kindergartens, universities as well as many health care facilities, pharmacies, post offices, banks, etc.

Premises hand over: August 2014
Number of buildings: 1
Number of apartments: 222
Apartments area: 26-129 sq.m.
Apartments layout: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 rooms
Underground garage parking places: 175 places
Number of commercial locations: 8 places
Area of commercial premises 24-121 sq. m.


Our investment we Wrocławiu

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