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Dmowskiego 19 etap II

Wrocław, ul. Dmowskiego 19


Description of the investment

Dmowskiego 19 is a modern, high standard housing complex, where 292 flats in two stages were built. The project is located in Kępa Mieszczańska, at 19 Romana Dmowskiego Street . The location in the centre of Wrocław is a proposition for active people who like to enjoy the charms of the bustling city. The proximity of the Odra river provides residents with rest and relaxation opportunities. In Kępa Mieszczańska, there are picturesque green areas and spaces of a recreational and sports character. The tenants of the first stage of Dmowskiego 19 appreciated the intimate surroundings and the historic buildings in the vicinity. Attractiveness of the project location at  Dmowskiego St. is also enhanced by the close proximity to the Wrocław Market Square.

The second stage of Dmowskiego 19 covered the construction of one building with 10 floors, including garage halls on two floors. The building is an extension of the already existing first stage. Customers could choose from 115 apartments with areas ranging from 36.35 to 93.13 sq. m. The offer included 2-, 3- and 4-room apartments. For the convenience of future residents, 130 parking spaces in the garage and 8 parking spaces for people with disabilities are planned in the second stage. The highest quality materials were used for finishing the balconies. Glass balustrades revealed the finishes of high-quality wood, while the subtle elements of aluminium and steel gave the architecture a modern character. The whole estate is monitored, fenced and adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

Wrocław's Śródmieście, where the development project is located is a district of cultural institutions such as galleries, cultural centres, theatres and cinemas. Near the Dmowskiego 19 project, there are popular restaurants, charming vegetable markets, as well as service and trade infrastructure. The distance between the estate and the Wrocław Market Square, which is the centre of cultural life of the city, is less than one and a half kilometre. The proximity of the Odra River, on the other hand, is conducive to moments of relaxation and rest.

The area offers numerous educational centres for children and youth – from primary schools, middle schools and grammar schools to numerous universities. The development area has excellent transport connections with other parts of the city. Residents can use numerous tram and bus lines. There are also railway stations Wrocław Mikołajów and Wrocław Popowice nearby.

Investment sold
Premises hand over: October 2017
Number of buildings: 1
Number of apartments: 115
Apartment area: 36,35 - 93,13 sq. m.
Apartments layout: 2 - 4 rooms
Ground level parking plac: 8
Garage at level 0: 32
Garage at level -1: 98
Storage areas: 5


Our investment we Wrocławiu

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