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ATAL Nowe Żerniki II

Wrocław , Nowe Żerniki

Description of the investment

In a prestigious location, near Kosmonautów Street in Wrocław and in close proximity to recreational areas, a development project is being implemented – ATAL Nowe Żerniki. The planned development will be part of a large model housing estate which will offer much more facilities than typical residential construction. Numerous service outlets and educational, cultural and artistic institutions will be located here. The residents will also appreciate the common space of the housing estate, where there will be a bazaar, impressive greenery and playgrounds for children. Many buildings are planned in this spacious housing estate in Wrocław, eleven of them will be built by ATAL S.A.

The first stage of the ATAL Nowe Żerniki development covered 4 buildings which included a total of 109 apartments with a layout of 1 to 4 rooms and a floor area from 28.96 to 94.12 sq. m. The second stage which will be built nearby will include 7 buildings and 218 apartments in them. The architects have planned them as  well laid out studios and 2-, 3- and 4-room apartments. Future residents can choose from premises ranging from 27.43 to 99.90 sq. m. The buildings have space for 140 storage rooms and parking lots for 282 parking spaces. All segments will be equipped with noiseless lifts which facilitate communication between floors. The estate is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. The stage II buildings will also be characterized by impressive and modern architecture that refers to the concept of a model housing estate and is consistent with both existing and planned buildings. Aesthetic surfaces, bright elevations and well thought-out plant compositions will increase the prestige of the project and blend well with the rest of the model housing estate.

ATAL Nowe Żerniki offers convenient housing conditions in a great location. The housing estate itself is able to satisfy the residents' numerous everyday needs. Shops, a family doctor's office, a school, a kindergarten and a community centre will be located here. In the vicinity, there are numerous recreational areas: Park Pilczycki and Park Kuźnicki and the Glinianki Bathing Centre. Close to the estate, there are tram and bus stops, the nearby Kosmonautów Street facilitates access to all parts of the city. Also suburban and interurban travel will not be difficult. In about 10 minutes, you can get from the estate to the Wrocław Mikołajów railway station, from which you can comfortably travel to Poznań or Warsaw, and only a quarter of a hour is enough to be at the airport.

In construction
Premises hand over: February 2018
Number of buildings: 7
Number of apartments: 218
Apartment area: 27,43-99,90 sq. m.
Apartments layout: 1-4 rooms
Storage areas: 140
Number of commercial locations: 14
Area of commercial premises: 30,11-129,05 sq. m.


Our investment we Wrocławiu

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