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Oaza Wilanów II

Warszawa, al. Rzeczypospolitej


Description of the investment

Oaza Wilanów is a housing complex located in prestigious place in Mokotów and Wilanów borderline with view of Pałac Kultury i Nauki. Investment, situated at the junction of Rzeczypospolitej alley and Wilanowska alley, consists of three stages and was designed for young, active people that appreciate comfort and high quality. This place will, with no doubts, become oasis of peace and relax for future residents.

Oaza Wilanów will be characterized by modern and subdued architecture. Building façades will be finished with ceramic tiles and natural wood. Original appearance of objects will be emphasized by modern balcony balustrades. Complex of 8 four storey buildings will have 456 apartments. A convenience for residents will be 19 commercial premises. In the investment there will be underground parking for 713 cars and ground level parking places. Storage rooms will be also for sale.

Housing complex will provide a lot of ways to spend free time. Youngest tenants would use 3 playgrounds and sports enthusiast would spend their time on volleyball court, football pitch, basketball court and running trail. Moments of relaxation will provide intimate small lake. Housing complex will be fenced and adapted to handicapped people needs.

In the second stage of Oaza Wilanów two buildings with 162 functional apartments with area from 39,24 sq. m. to 124,77 sq. m. and layout from 2 to 5 rooms are built. Every apartment has terrace, balcony, loggia and every premise on ground level will have house garden. Wide offer like this would please even the most demanding customers.  There were 227 garage parking places and 24 external parking places for sale. In second stage buildings there are 72 storage rooms that are additional
Wilanów is one of the most popular place to live for young and ambitious people. Green surroundings nearby - Wilanów Ostoja Park and Jezioro Wilanowskie are perfect places for walks. Expanded bicycle trails system leads to forested Powsin. For art lovers there are Muzeum Plakatu and Pałac Wilanowski.

Oaza Wilanów is well connected with other part of the city. Wilanowska alley provides convenient access to business parts of Mokotów. It is also easy to transport to Śródmieście. From bus stops located in Rzeczypospolitej alley and Wilanowska alley depart couple of bus lines. In a short time you can also get to the metro Wilanowska station.

Occupancy permit: February 2017
Number of buildings: 2
Number of apartments: 162
Apartment area: 39,24 – 124,77 sq. m.
Apartments layout: 2, 3, 4, 5 rooms
Underground garage parking places: 227 places
Ground level parking places: 24 places
Storage areas: 72


Our investment w Warszawie

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