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Apartamenty Ostródzka

Warszawa, ul. Ostródzka


Description of the investment

Apartamenty Ostródzka is an investment located in Warsaw's Białołęka district. The first stage of the investment at OstródzkaStreet includes four three-storey buildings. A total of 123 apartments were built, supplemented by a commercial space on the ground floor. The designed residential premises range from 31 to 99 m² and from 1 to 5 rooms. Varied sizes as well as a quiet location are among the biggest advantages of this investment.

Apartmenty Ostródzka were created for families and singles who want to live in Warsaw, but away from the city noise. The apartments are equipped with large windows, gardens on the ground floor and balconies and terraces on the upper floors. The residents can use 102 parking spaces in the underground garage and 22 aboveground parking spaces. ECO spaces will allow to charge an electric car and are an advantage for people who have or are planning to buy such a vehicle. The garage also includes storage rooms and bicycles boxes. A security point and monitoring system ensure safety in the Apartmenty Ostródzka. Additionally, it is a closed and fenced estate.

The facades of the buildings have been designed in subdued colours and consist of natural materials.As a result, the investment fits well with the greenery and low-rise surroundings of OstródzkaStreet.
In close proximity to the investment, residents can enjoy green areas. In a short distance from the investment, there is the Bródnowski Forest, the Słupecka Forest Nature Reserve and the Czarna Struga Forest Nature Reserve. Active recreation is also possible on Zegrze Reservoir, only a few kilometres away from OstródzkaStreet.

The great advantage of this investment is the proximity of S8 route, which is a part of the Warsaw ring road. There are bus stops nearby. Once the construction of the second metro line (Kondratowicz station in Targówek) is completed, access to the centre of Warsaw will be even more comfortable.

Just a few hundred metres away from OstródzkaStreet, where popular shopping centres and markets can be found. Smaller grocery stores are located in the immediate vicinity of the Apartments. There are also kindergartens, schools and health centres in the area. Near the estate, in a shopping centre, there is a cinema and numerous shops and gastronomic premises. Residents can easily organize a family outing during the day or an evening sally to the cinema or restaurant.

In construction
Occupancy permit: II quarter 2021
Number of buildings: 4
Number of flats: 123
Flats area: 31,23 – 99,43 sq. m.
Flats layout: 1 - 5 rooms
Underground garage parking places: 102
Ground level parking places: 22
Storage areas: 12
Number of commercial locations: 1


Our investment w Warszawie

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