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Przystań Letnica III

Gdańsk, ul. Starowiejska

In construction

Description of the investment

Przystań Letnica is a unique ATAL investment implemented in the Letnica district, in the vicinity of the Bay of Gdańsk. Convenient location and favourable connection with the centre make it an attractive place for everyone who appreciates the charms of seaside spaces and free access to attractions offered by city life.
The investment, consisting of three stages, was designed as a coherent spatial composition of 13 buildings, reminiscent in its form and colours of modernist architecture.

As part of the first stage, three buildings were built, in which a total of 141 apartments with functional layouts of 2 to 4 rooms, as well as 7 service premises were constructed. Along with the buildings, underground garages were built, with parking spaces, storage rooms and rooms for two-wheelers.
In the second stage, 4 buildings with 190 apartments will be built. Future buyers will find residential premises with 2-4 rooms on offer, with areas ranging from 41.68 to 92.82 m². There will be a total of 12 service premises on the ground floors of two buildings. In the underground floor of all buildings there will be 1 hall garage with 233 independent parking spaces, 83 rooms for two-wheelers and storage rooms. For convenience of future residents, additional 18 parking spaces for passenger cars have been planned in the above-ground car park.

For the last, third stage of the investment, six buildings with 323 apartments have been designed. The number of rooms in these buildings varies from two to five, with a comfortable spatial arrangement, and their sizes from 39.09 to 111.82 m². will allow for a functional and comfortable interior design.
In the underground part, there will be a multi-space hall garage with a total of 365 independent parking spaces. Additionally, 25 above-ground parking spaces have been planned. The hall garage also provides for 139 rooms for two-wheelers and 35 storage rooms.

Letnica Harbour consists not only of comfortable flats, but also a green common space, which fosters neighbour integration. The architectural style of the buildings relates to the climate at the seaside and is complemented by numerous playgrounds, recreation areas as well as publicly accessible terraces on the roofs, equipped with both recreational and leisure facilities, as well as sports facilities, which enable residents to spend time actively outdoors. Numerous bicycle stands will be a facility for cyclists.
Letnica Harbour investment is being implemented in the rapidly developing part of Gdańsk, betweenWyzwolenia Street and Maciej Płażyński Avenue. The location at the coastal belt and the housing and infrastructure investments in the vicinity make the attractiveness of this location constantly grow. Such a location combines the convenience of quick access to the city centre with the proximity of numerous recreational areas. Nearby there are both the J. J. HaffnerBrzeźnieński Park as well as the Energa Stadium, which is a place of many cultural, entertainment and spectacular events.

Quick access to Maciej Płażyński Avenue enables comfortable and efficient travelling throughout the agglomeration, thanks to which driving to Downtown, the vicinity of the Gdańsk University of Technology, the University of Gdańsk and the business centre in Oliwa takes less than a quarter of an hour. By choosing public transport, we gain a convenient ride to Wrzeszcz in the vicinity of the Baltic Opera, Multikino and Galeria Bałtycka, as well as the bus station and the main station. Quick access to the S7 route towards Warsaw is ensured via Maciej Płażyński Avenue and the Tunnel under Martwa Wisła.

There are also kindergartens, primary schools (including the International School) and the Maritime School Complex in the area. Daily shopping can be done in nearby supermarkets or smaller local shops.

Investment completed
Start construction: IV quarter 2020
End of construction: III quarter 2023
Occupancy permit: IV quarter 2023
Number of buildings: 6
Number of flats: 323
Flats area: 39,09 – 111,82 sq. m.
Number of flats: 2 - 5
Parking spaces in the underground garage 365
Number of commercial locations: 35
rooms for two-wheelers 139
Ground parking spaces 26


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