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Ptasia 20

Poznań, ul. Ptasia

In construction

Description of the investment

Ptasia 20 is a one-stage development project of ATAL S.A., located in the western part of Poznań. A cosy six-floor building is being erected in one of the most fashionable districts of the capital of Wielkopolska – Grunwald. Private and commercial investors will appreciate Ptasia 20 for its subtle design and excellent location. Future residents will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature and use the extensive recreation and entertainment infrastructure.

In the building, there have been arranged 288 apartments of the most sought-after sizes – from 40 sqm to 88 sqm. The architects also took care of the space for commercial investors. On the ground floor of the building, 10 service outlets with areas ranging from 32 sqm to 94 sqm have been designed. The building will be equipped with a spacious underground garage with 389 parking spaces for cars. It will also include functional storage units and quiet elevators. The development will be adapted to the needs of the disabled.

The areas in front of the building have been arranged with the comfort of future residents in mind. Tenants will be able to use an impressive ground parking lot with 62 parking spaces, and their safety will be ensured by 24-hour monitoring and modern lighting system. The whole will be complemented by a dedicated green space.

Ptasia 20 is an ideal place to live for both families with children and singles. In the area, there are several playgrounds, a modern fitness centre and numerous walking and cycling paths. Residents who appreciate the proximity of nature will be able to admire the charms of the nearby Marcelinski Forest – the green part of Grunwald. More than 200 hectares of green areas offer unlimited possibilities for contact with the natural environment and exploration. Football and music fans will certainly enjoy the nearby vicinity of the Poznań Stadium, the centre of Poznań sports and entertainment. At a distance of about 400 meters from the building, there is also an enchanting studio cinema with a rich repertoire.

The Grunwald district where the estate will be located is a place for living for every fifth Poznań resident. Grunwald can boast rich recreational areas, extensive and modern transport infrastructure, availability of shops and restaurants, as well as numerous school and medical facilities. On your way to pick up children from a nearby kindergarten or primary school, you can shop quickly at your favourite shopping mall or book a table in a nearby restaurant. There are also numerous pharmacies, banks and clinics in the area.

The development project is located near the bus stop and tram line. Getting to the city centre or university campus is convenient and takes only a few minutes. Ptasia Street where the latest ATAL S.A. project will be located is perfectly connected with the A2 motorway and the Poznań-Ławica International Airport.

In construction
Start construction:: I quarter 2019 r.
End of construction: I quarter 2021 r.
Occupancy permit: II quarter 2021
Number of buildings: 4
Number of flats: 288
Flats area: 41,55 - 89,43 sq. m.
Flats layout: 2 - 4 rooms
Underground level parking places: 389
Ground level parking places: 62
Number of commercial locations: 10
Area of commercial premises: 32,9 - 93,65 sq. m.
Storage areas: 125


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