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Apartamenty Drewnowska 43 etap II

Łódź , ul. Drewnowska 43


Description of the investment

In the prestigious location, near the Staromiejski Park and the revitalized Poznań factory complex (Manufaktura), Apartamenty Drewnowska 43 will be erected – an exclusive development project that will combine housing, service and office functions and provide the residents with perfect conditions for living, working or relaxing. 

The Apartamenty Drewnowska 43 project has been divided into four stages. In the first of them, seven buildings will be built, including 264 flats of various sizes, numerous storage units, commercial and service premises and office premises, as well as parking spaces. Some of the buildings designed in the first stage will be equipped with public green terraces located on the roofs. The service and office premises are planned in the four-storey front building, which will extend along Drewnowska Street. The buildings will be separated from the street by a pavement and an elevated strip of greenery. The housing zone of the estate will be consistent with the service and office part in terms of aesthetics, architecture and finishing standard. The common space will be arranged in the form of terraces, courtyards with benches, playgrounds for children and interesting plant compositions.

The second stage of the project will include four seven-storey buildings with a total of 199 flats. They have been designed with care for various needs of future residents: the area from 27 to 105 sq. m will allow them to choose a flat that perfectly meets their individual expectations. The offer will include both functional studios and spacious 4-room apartments. For car owners, 29 above-ground parking spaces and 205 spaces in the underground garage hall are planned. 170 storage rooms will provide additional space – a perfect place to store less frequently used items. The flats on the ground floor will include spacious gardens, and all those on the upper floors will be equipped with balconies. For the convenience of future residents, 13 commercial premises have been designed on the ground floors of the buildings. Children and their parents will be able to have fun on the playground.

The Apartmenty Drewnowska 43 estate will be constructed in the area of downtown development. The close neighbourhood of the estate has a lot to offer. In the immediate vicinity, there is a revitalized Manufaktura complex with numerous shops, boutiques, restaurants and cinemas. The Museum of the City of Łódź, the MS2 Museum of Art, the Powszechny Theatre and the Experymentarium Science Centre are nearby. Convenient access to the city centre and outside the city is provided by both public transport and extensive road infrastructure. In the near future – almost parallel to the construction of the Apartamenty Drewnowska 43 project – a cross-town tunnel will be built whose station will be located at Ogrodowa Street. Not far away, there is the charming Staromiejski Park to which the Old Market Square adjoins. In the immediate surroundings, there is also Wolności Square, the starting point of the famous Piotrkowska Street – the cultural and entertainment Mecca of Łódź The estate will be erected in the place where at the end of the 19th century, a fabric processing and manufacturing plant was established. Such a historical and interesting location of the estate will be an additional asset for all those interested in the rich history of Łódź and its factory owners.

In construction
Occupancy permit: III quarter 2020
Number of buildings: 4
Number of apartments: 199
Apartment area: 27,69 mkw. – 105,05 mkw.
Apartments layout: 1-4 rooms
Underground garage parking places: 205
Ground level parking places: 29
Storage rooms: 170
Number of office space: 13
Office space areas: 48,51 mkw. – 109,60 mkw.


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