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Bronowice Residence

Kraków, ul. Chełmońskiego


Description of the investment

Bronowice Residence is an investment consisting of 2 complexes of multifamily residential buildings (A and B) divided into 135 apartments. The A building has an underground garage with 65 car stands for its residents. Moreover, the residents will have access to storerooms and utility rooms with a total area of 371,81 m2. Both buildings are provided with staircases and quiet elevators which allow the communication between the underground parts of the building and the residential zones. All the elevators and ramps outside are adapted to the needs of disabled on wheelchairs. According to the architectural design there will be two-, three- and four-room apartments with diverse living areas. Modern layouts with kitchenettes facilities and rooms located in an interesting way are designed to provide the maximum flexibility and functionability of the space. Cosy balconies and terraces and on the ground floor also terraces with gardens belong to the apartments. In the south-eastern part of the complex there is a playground for children surrounded by green areas, lawns and low shrubs. The roof of the underground floor was adapted into a green space with colorful decorative shrubs. All the trees and shrubbery are harmoniously integrated with the rest of the investment. Along the road between the buildings A and B there are 30 parking places (including two positions for disabled) available for the residents, and the shed for waste.

Premises hand over: February 2012
Number of buildings: 8
Number of apartments: 139
Apartments area: 44 - 108 sq. m.
Apartments layout: 1, 2, 3, 4 rooms
Underground garage parking places: 65 places
Ground level parking places: 78 places


Our investment w Krakowie

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