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Bagry Park Apartamenty Inwestycyjne

Kraków, ul. Bagrowa

Description of the investment

The next stage of the Nowy Targówek development is being created in Targówek in Warsaw, where comfortable and prestigious business premises will be available to residents. This will be the only such implementation in this part of the city. Two elegant buildings with minimalist architecture will perfectly blend into the surroundings and become an integral part of this unique housing estate.

Two buildings house 157 business units with a total floor area ranging from 22.20 sq. m. to 39.73 sq. m. The facilities will also include service premises, numerous parking spaces in the underground garage, storage rooms and comfortable bicycle racks. For the convenience of prospective buyers, we have prepared 3D projections of interiors and numerous inspirations which will help in convenient arrangement of the offered usable space.

Business premises are a new quality in the real estate market. They can be a perfect business goal or an interesting solution for students, entrepreneurs and employees delegated to Warsaw. It is a very good alternative for Warsaw hotels.

Nowy Targówek Lokale Inwestycyjne will be built in an attractive location, in a quiet and quiet district of Warsaw which is very well connected by public transport to the city centre. In the close vicinity of the estate, there are vast green and recreational areas, as well as extensive urban infrastructure. Buses and trams run nearby. There will be shops on the estate's premises, so quick shopping can be planned on-site, and larger one can be done at nearby supermarkets. In just a few minutes you can reach Galeria Renova, Targówek and Factory shopping malls. The excellent news for those who appreciate fast travel is the fact that the second metro line will pass through Warsaw's Targówek so that the residents of the estate will gain an additional option of quick access to the city centre and other districts of the capital. Students who will use the offered business premises can count on a quick access to universities. The latest edition of the Nowy Targówek development will combine an excellent location, high finishing standards and an offer of business premises which will be comfortable, compact and easy to arrange.


W budowie
Rozpoczęcie budowy:III kwartał 2018
Zakończenie prac budowlanych:II kwartał 2020
Pozwolenie na użytkowanie:III kwartał 2020
Przekazanie lokali:IV kwartał 2020
Marketingowo:IV kwartał 2020
Liczba budynków:1
Liczba lokali:132
Powierzchnie lokali:24,26 mkw. - 47,76 mkw.
Rodzaje lokali:1-3 pokoi
Miejsca postojowe w garażu:31
Miejsca postojowe w garażu dla motocykli:2
Miejsce postojowe w parkingu naziemnym:58
Miejsce postojowe w parkingu naziemnym dla motocykli:3


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