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Apartamenty Przybyszewskiego 64

Kraków, ul. Przybyszewskiego 64


Description of the investment

At Przybyszewskiego Street, in the heart of Krakow, a new, prestigious housing estate has been built  – the Przybyszewskiego 64 Apartments. The estate with aesthetic and minimalist architecture is located in a well-developed part of the city. Residents have gained comfortable access to the centre and to numerous green and recreational areas. The Przybyszewskiego 64 Apartments is one of the most interesting housing investment projects on the map of Kraków.

As part of the planned development, two modern buildings with simple shapes and subdued colours were constructed. They house 92 spacious flats with layouts of 1 to 5 rooms and areas from 30.02 to 103.97 sq. m. The buildings also contain storage rooms, a service space and an innovative parking on platforms which allows parking of many vehicles in a small space. As a result, the housing estate has become even more attractive. Aesthetically finished, fenced and planted with vegetation, it is a pleasant asylum for residents.

The Przybyszewskiego 64 Apartments development project has been planned in a comfortable and prestigious location. Near the estate, there are numerous office buildings and business centres, universities, sports and recreation facilities. A short walk is enough to get to Kraków's Błonia, the AGH swimming pool and public transport stops. It takes only a dozen or so minutes to get to the city centre, and trips outside the city are facilitated by the nearby Armii Krajowej Street which is one of the main arteries of the city. In the close vicinity of the estate, there are numerous shops and service outlets: a pharmacy, a kiosk, a petrol station, the Scanmed medical centre, a pizzeria, a supermarket.  Lovers of walks and sports activities can use the surrounding facilities: gym, swimming pool, tennis courts and playing fields. Several minutes is enough to get to the Zoo in Kraków or the Kościuszko Mound. A moment of rest from the hustle and bustle of the city is provided to the estate residents by of the Wolski Forest which can be reached in less than 20 minutes. The housing estate has proved to be an excellent place to live for people of any age. It provides excellent conditions for professionally active residents, families with children and elderly people. 

Investment sold
Occupancy permit: march 2018
Number of houses: 2 (building 1 has two segments)
Number of apartments: 92
Apartments area: 30,02 - 103,97 sq. m.
Apartments layout: 1-5 rooms
Parking spaces in the garage on parking platforms: 110
Underground garage parking places: 1
Ground level parking places: 4
Storage areas: 70
Number of commercial locations: 1
Area of commercial premises: 110,23 sq. m.


Our investment w Krakowie

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