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Osiedle Giszowiec

Katowice , ul. Kolista

  • ATAL S.A. Apartment Sales Office
    40-507 Katowice,
    ul. Francuska 102
  • work hours:
    monday 10.00-18.00
    tuesday - friday 8.00-16.00
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Description of the investment

Osiedle Giszowiec consists of 3 nice and cosy low-rise buildings with one- or two-level apartments with terraces and balconies. On the ground floor there are retail and service areas. For those who appreciate peace and quiet in a private environment, fenced area with electric gates opened by remote control will be an additional advantage. Despite the fact that our buildings blend in the surrounded buildings they stand out because of their no ordinary game of details in workmanship of terraces, shutters and front elevation.


End of construction: Investment sold
Number of apartments: 64
Area of commercial premises: 32 - 120 sq. m.


Our investment w Katowicach