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Management Board Member profiles

Zbigniew Juroszek - ATAL S.A. President of the Management Board

• ATAL S.A.`s founder and main shareholder
• responsible for determining the development direction and the implementation of the given strategy in the entire ATAL S.A. Group
• 26 years of professional experience, 16 years of professional experience in the development field





Mateusz Bromboszcz – Vice-President of ATAL S.A. in charge of Legal and Administration

• With ATAL S.A. for five years
• In charge of formal and legal issues related to ATAL S.A. Group’ business
• 13 years of professional experience, including 13 years of experience in real estate and construction industry




Internal division of responsibilities for particular business areas among the members of the Board:

President of the Board, Zbigniew Juroszek, is in charge of:
- Setting the orientation for development
- Management of the Group's business
- Implementation of the adopted strategy across the Group

Vice-President of the Board, Mateusz Bromboszcz, is in charge of:
- legal and administrative issues of the Group