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Market position

The ATAL group focuses its develop activity on seven Poland`s largest cities - Gliwice, Katowice, Cracow, Łodz, Poznan, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Tricity. The company is now the only one investing in Poland`s all large cities.

The developer market in Poland is characterized by large diversification. One can encounter both large companies that play a major role in all Polish cities as well as smaller companies focusing on the local markets. The most competitive markets are large cities on whose premises ATAL investments are being conducted. The ATAL group focuses its develop activity on 7 Poland`s largest cities - Gliwice, Katowice, Cracow, Łodz, Poznan, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Tricity. The markets differ in terms of the needs and customs of the customers. The Warsaw, Wroclaw and Cracow real estate markets have been still undergoing some changes Those regions are very competitive ones. The factors that play a crucial role include the attractiveness of the project, the quality and the apartment price. Since Poland`s large cities are constantly growing, our company looks forward to built new, high-quality apartments.

The Warsaw real estate market is Poland`s largest of its kind and is characterized by the highest prizes per square meter of the apartment surface. The Warsaw real estate market is simultaneously one of the most diversified. This can be mainly attributed to a large number of prestigious districts (e.g. Mokotów, Żoliborz), characterized by higher apartment prizes and the districts with many popular apartments in which the prices were adjusted to the government programs “Rodzina na Swoim” or “MdM”.

The Group perceives the Cracow estate market as very promising. It is, on the other hand, quite unique, as a city for tourists, students and simultaneously a business centre. The management board of the Company views the Cracow estate market as a very promising one, resistant to short-term fluctuations of the market situation; the Management Board does its best in order to remain the leading apartment developer in this market.

When considering the number of apartments ready for sales, the Wroclaw real estate market ranks third. The strong local economy as well as the developing road infrastructure attract retail trade companies, logistics companies and developers. This market is characterized by a high stage of development and competitiveness.

The Management Board of the Company views the Lodz real estate market as potentially very promising one. Due to its location and demographic potential Lodz is attracting more and more investors willing to start their business there. The factor determining a potential success is the fact that Łodz boasts its own airport as well as a convenient railway connection with Warsaw that is going to be further improved.

The Katowice real estate market is perceived as a stable one. On one hand, the salary level of the inhabitants is medium, but the real estate prices are relatively low and the demographic tendencies do not appear to be very optimistic.

Poznań and Tricity are the cities in which the Company bought the ground in order to implement the first investments in 2016. Since the debut on the new markets appears to be a long-scale process, the measurements are to be intensified in the following years. Such diversification lets the Company be more independent in terms of the changing market situation.