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ATAL S.A. is a developer company specialized in building housing estates in Poland`s largest cities. ATAL`s founder and owner is Polish businessman Zbigniew Juroszek who can boast a 25 years old professional experience. Even though ATAL in the form of the stock offering company was founded in 2006, Zbigniew Juroszek started his developer activity much earlier. The first developer projects, including the ones of residential buildings, were implemented as early as in 2003. Since then the Company has been playing a crucial role among the largest firms in this sector. Our sales offer includes the developer investments in Katowice, Cracow, Łodz, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Tricity and Poznan. The stability of the Company is guaranteed by the own financial resources (more than 400 million PLN). ATAL is also a member of the Polish Union of Developers, participates in the programs Financially Credible Company as well as Trustworthy Company and was awarded the Golden Certificate. In the recent years the developer was distinguished by many awards including Gazele Biznesu, Diamenty Forbesa, Perła Polskiej Gospodarki, Polski Herkules, Firma Roku Ziemi Cieszyńskiej as well as with the title Budowlana Firma Roku. In December 2013 the Company`s bonds made their debut on the Catalyst market. At the turn of May and June 2015 the first public offer of ATAL S.A. shares was conducted. It was on 15th of June 2015 that the Company made its debut at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The Company has been pursuing its strategy of sustainable growth, placing a special emphasis on the investment quality as well as systematically increasing the sale figures on the key apartment markets.

In the last years ATAL was awarded the following prizes and honours:

• 2011r: „Firma Roku Ziemi Cieszyńskiej”, „Perła Polskiej Gospodarki”,
• 2012r: „Budowlana Firma Roku”, „Gazela Biznesu”, „Perła Polskiej Gospodarki”,
• 2013r: „Gazela Biznesu”, „Polski Herkules”,
• 2014r: „Diament Forbes”, „Złoty Sokół”,
• 2015r: „Diament Forbes”, „Budowlana Firma Roku”, „Gazela Biznesu”,
• 2016r: „Diament Forbes”, „European Property Awards Development”, „PZITB”,
• 2017r: „Diament Forbes”, „European Property Awards Development”, „Perły Polskiej Gospodarki”, „Book of Lists”,
• 2018r: „Diament Forbes”, „Transparentna Spółka Roku”, „Perły Polskiej Gospodarki”, „Book of Lists”.